Monday, 14 April 2014


Monsoon embelished jacket; clashing prints

New City, amazing new shoot locations, Bristol I love you already!

I am really taken with this whole mis-match print trend going on this season, Mother of Pearl's entire Resort 2014 collection is on my current lust list. But, until my fairy godmother prevails, I am literally living in this embellished jacket, paired with a leopard clutch, it's a nice print mash-up without being too full on (I'm building up to a head-to-toe clash.) 

crop top; embellished jacket, plait crown

dujouriadore; plait crown

monsoon; embellished jacket; crop top; leopard clutch

print jacket; leopard clutch

dujouriadore; embellished jacket; leopard clutch

 Jacket & Clutch : Monsoon (outlet) / Jeans : Boohoo / 
Flatforms : RiverIsland (Similar Here)

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Spring is here, summer is on the way but it's still mighty chilly, the answer .... LAYERS! The magazine and fashion bods always say this as if it is incredibly easy to look awesome wearing 50 items at a time   but I never seem to pull it off in a way that doesn't make me look like I fell out of my wardrobe backwards. 
However, I may have had a a moment of brilliance, or I may be delusional if I am please don't pop my bubble for a few more days, the double jacket combo! I love it, stonewash denim jacket with a lovely leather biker. It gives a great collar combo, especially with a semi-sheer white shirt, I think I'm going to pair it with a striped crop and pastel mid-skirt next...
Any other layering combos throw 'em at me I'm on a roll! 

dujouriadore; rings

Double jackets; two jackets; Collars; denim; leather; leopard; dujouriadore

Leather biker : Zara / Denim Jacket & Shirt: Primark / Leopard Collar : John Lewis / 
Jeans : River Island / Sneakers: H&M

Monday, 10 March 2014

Go Grunge

A few cheeky snaps of this weekends casual threads, stomping around in the beautiful sunshine! Absolute bliss! I'm really enjoying smooshing together different textures and prints and the moment and this ensemble hits the mother-load: stripes, cable-knit, camo and leopard all in one!  

 Jacket : Zara / Jumper : RiverIsland / Dress : (similar Here & Here) / Sneakers : H&M

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Picked up this awesome B-ball vest in a great vintage store in Bristol this weekend, prompting an impromptu outfit shoot! For those of you in or visiting Bristol you should definitely check out Sobey's on Park Street, to die for threads and jewels. I'm mega crushing on their vintage cut offs for the summer to pair with lace tanks and oversized checked shirts.

Basketball Vest : Sobey's / Jacket : Primark / Jeans : Boohoo / Shoes : Next

Monday, 27 January 2014


It is all about the slouch for me at the moment.
Usually if the top half is slouchy I go skinny on the bottom or vise-versa. But in a time where I would happily spend all of my time cocooned in my duvet a super comfy pair of 'boyfriend' jeans and a chunky knit jumper help me find my bliss. Coupled with these epic pointed heels from Next which give the whole look a real edgy almost beatnik vibe, don't you think?

dujouriadore, cable knit, graffiti

next shoes, river island jeans

Next pointed heels

river island, boyfriend jean, next shoes, dujouriadore

Jeans : RiverIsland / Jumper : RiverIsland (sale) / Shoes : Next

Saturday, 25 January 2014


OH MY DAYS! I got chosen as COMPANY MAGAZINE'S blogger of the week! 

For those of you who don't know, Company magazine has a great online forum for bloggers and every week they choose one to feature on their site, this week it was me! 

I cannot tell you how fantastic it feels to have such an iconic magazine give you the seal of approval. Here's a little snapshot of the write up.  

Make sure you click on the 'Company Blogger' logo in the sidebar to check out exciting new blogging talent every week!

Company Magazine Forum Blogger of the Week


Sunday, 12 January 2014


Company magazine blogger; blogger of the week;

There is this fabulous block of heritage phone boxes on the Prom in Cheltenham that I have been eyeing up to use in a post ever since I spotted them when I moved here 6 months ago. Usually I try to do my photos in the middle of nowhere as I feel utterly ridiculous trying to pose for shots, emphasis on the trying, as  I always hate the posed ones (I have an unparalleled tenlent for involuntary gurning) and end up using the shots the boy takes when I'm faffing around getting into position. 
Nehooo, despite the gawking from half the high street and getting in the way of everyone, I am so chuffed with how the shots came out. Who knew Mustard, Red and Leopard print would be such an awesome combo! 

My fave item is my new grey body, I brought it on impulse as I loved the lettering and the combination of the low back with long sleeves. Next I think I'll style it with boyfriend jeans and heels or maybe a leather mini, sneakers and a neon blazer hmmm... 
What do you think?

H&M L'amour; company magazine blogger;

dujouriadore, phonebox, blogger

dujouriadore, phonebox, fashion, personal style

tiffany, casio

Company forum blogger of the week

 Coat : Florence & Fred (Similar Here & Here) / Jeans : Topshop / Body Top : H&M / Beanie : H&M (mens) / Bag & Sneakers : H&M / Ring : Tiffany & Co