Sunday, 15 February 2015



I'm trying to learn a new French word or phrase everyday, so it seemed apt that I try (emphasis on try) and use my new found knowledge, hence todays title.

There is something about language that fascinates me, I love the nuances, for example in French, you don't really say "I miss you", you say "tu me manques" which means "you are missing from me". Which just says so much more, don't you think? It's also the most romantic you'll get me to be considering its Valentines weekend.

This weeks outfit, is a beautiful combination of pieces (I am bias feel free to completely disagree) that really were worth the wait, as all the best things are apparently, classic items that you can mix and match with pretty much any outfit, dressed up or down - but I'm greedy so I wore them all together!

Hope you all had beautiful weekends xxx

longline leather biker; superdry

dujouriadore; 1461 dr martens

Leather Jacket : Superdry / Chambray Shirt : Superdry / Mom Jeans : Topshop /
Shoes : 1461 Dr Martens / Fedora : H&M

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Long over due post of a current go to outfit. Standard combo -  dress down everything with a causal shirt then add heels or sneakers depending on how far me feet need to take me. Needless to say, even the shortest of trips usually end up being a trek with my sense of direction, but I'm a little in love with these boots, so my feet are being trained to trek in them. ;) 
dujouriadore; leather pencil skirt; checked shirt

dujouriadore; checked shirt; leather skirt;


Shirt : SUPERDRY / Skirt : ASOS (sale) / Ankle Boots : MISS SELFRIDGE (Similar :Here)

Thursday, 1 January 2015


happy new year

Happy New Year! A couple of my favourite shots from the last year. I hope 2015 is truly amazing for you all. Dream big, believe in your ambition and work hard you achieve all you are capable of. 

Love A xx 

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, here are a few snaps from my annual festive jaunt to the beach. This year we ventured to Exmouth, where CRAZY people go for an organised Christmas morning swim! This has become somewhat of a family tradition (the walk not the swimming!) braved rain or shine, I got totally drenched just before these were taken, hence the wayward hair! 
shearling coat; sheepskin coat; dujouriadore

amy-louise salter; superdry; beach; jumper dress; dujouriadore

dujouriadore; amy-louise salter; superdry

Shearling Coat : Vintage / Jumper Dress : Superdry / Boots : Dr Marten / 
Socks : Superdry

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Leather & Knit

Superdry, dujouriadore, leather trousers

How gorgeous are these leather trousers from Superdry, I've worn them so much the boy actually had the cheek to ask me if I was stuck in them. The detailing on the knees & the rose gold zips are just to die for. The jumper's pretty special too, got to love a classic knit in the run up to Christmas. 

 Jumper & Leather Trousers : Superdry / Trainers : Nike Janoski / Bag : Accessorize

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hear me ROAR

End of summer shots got photo-bombed by the cheekies! 
These are the last of my summer shots, its getting far too cold, luckily this amazing lion skirt will look just as awesome with some crazy thick tights and a snuggly knit. 

T-Shirt & Skirt : H&M / Shoes : Nike / Bracelet : Moxham